Common Questions in Angular

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How to reduce the loading time of an application?

  • Eliminate the unnecessary widgets.
  • Minimize the redirects
  • Reduce image size

What is angular?

Angular : It is a TypeScript-based free and open-source web application framework developed by Google.

Difference between angular and angularjs?

It is based on MVC architecture.Component based UI approach.
Used JS to build the applicationUsed TS to build the application

Is it possible to write multiline string in JS?

Yes it is possible with the help of backtick (`), using [ + ] operator, and also using backslash.

Ways to get the status of a checkbox.

If the checkbox is checked, then the value of the checkbox is true.


Define unescape ( ) and escape ( ) in JS.

  • Escape - It is responsible for coding a string so as to make the transfer of the information more secure.

  • Unescape - It is responsible for decoding a string.

Role of break and continue start?

  • Break : It is used to break out of the loop.

  • Continue start : It is continues the current loop with a new recurrence.

Why does the boolean operator is used in JS?

It returns either true or false.

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